It’s been a little over 10 years since we started distilling Gin Eva in a garage in Llucmajor. Our production has grown steadily since then. In the end, our small hall was so full of palletized gin, empties, corks and tanks that we felt like we were in a life-size Tetris game. I still have to smile when I remember the face of Llorenç, our man for everything, casually informing him that a truck with 20 pallets of bottles is coming next week. I don’t know how we used to do it.

The time was ripe for something new and bigger. Ulrich, our partner and I drove around the island last summer and looked at countless plots of land, halls, old factories and even mansions. It never hit the right spot and whenever we thought we had something interesting up our sleeve our engineer always found a knock out. For example: dilapidated structure, woodworm in the beams or impossible that we get our project approved at this location.

The constant rollercoaster of good prospects and disillusionment was tiring and when we no longer believed in it, shortly before Christmas last year we were offered a large hall with a sales room in “más o menos” decent condition. Actually exactly what we were looking for and only a few hundred meters away from our old garage. When Biel, our critical engineer, who had always dampened our hopes up until now, gave the go-ahead, things happened very quickly.

In January, the planning for the new distillery was already complete and the building application was submitted to the office. Just emptying the hall and tearing down the old walls and structures took six weeks. Our goal was to have the new distillery remodeled before the summer season. All the craftsmen that Biel recommended to us were great across the board, and my doubts that it could really happen that quickly vanished and vanished. In May, the drywall, water, electricity and flooring were as good as done, even the sales room was almost ready for occupancy except for the furniture. Although there are still a few little things missing, we were able to move into our new four walls at the beginning of July, bag and baggage.

In addition to much more space, which we urgently needed, there is now also a large tasting room where you can taste and buy all our distillates. A large pane of glass offers a direct view of the distillery and our 5 meter long table has enough space for everyone who visits us.

As soon as the summer heat lets up a bit on the island, we will also have a proper housewarming party. We will announce the exact date.

Speaking of the heat, our favorite drink at these temperatures is a pomada granizada. An iced lemonade with gin. Pomada is a classic on our neighboring island of Menorca, the iced version is a little more complex to make, but it’s worth it. All you need is a decent blender.