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  • The unique taste of Gin Eva comes from Mallorcan juniper berries, botanicals and locally grown citrus fruits.
    All ingredients are distilled in a traditional copper still by Eva and Stefan, a Catalan oenologist and a German winemaker.

    Gin Eva is the spirit of nature of one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Citrus fruits from the Sóller valley or centuries-old olive trees from the Tramuntana mountains and juniper are the protagonists of our distillates. The final compositions don’t want to be the most complex and layered. On the contrary, we are looking for simplified recipes that focus on what is important.

    All botanicals are freshly macerated in neutral alcohol shortly after harvest and then gently distilled in a classic copper pot still. Since many of our ingredients have only a short season, we distill our botanicals separately. The final gin is later blended after the individual distillates have rested for some months so that their full aroma can unfold.

    Gin de Mallorca, destilado con cítricos y enebro
    Gin Eva, la Vermella, con etiqueta roja, Gin de Mallorca
    La Vermella
    Gin Eva Mallorca 45%vol.
    KEY BOTAINCALS: Juniper, lemon, bitter orange, canoneta orange, mandarin. 
    NOSE: Citrus and juniper, orange blossoms.
    PALATE: Creamy and zesty, nice balance between juniper and sweet citrus.
    FINISH: Light and elegant, long lasting orange.

    Awarded “BEST SPANISH GIN” at the World Gin Awards 2019.

    The English gin critic David T. Smith describes Gin Eva as: “A stunning gin. Refreshing, sippable, yet complex. Delightful when mixed with sparkling water.

    Flavours and smells become memories of places, special occasions, summer, sea, or holidays. When distilling, the scent of the botanicals, their spirit and soul, their volatile essence, so to speak, is captured in alcohol.

    In the best case you can sense the origin of a distillate like the terroir of a wine. Gin Eva is a tribute to the Mediterranean land and sea, which you can taste.

    In 2012, shortly before the big gin hype, we distilled our signature gin for the first time, using mainly local ingredients, like juniper and citrus fruits from the island as well as citrus fruits from the Sóller valley. Most of the juniper comes from the Peninsula, a small part is harvested wild on the island.

    Juniperus oxycedrus grows on sandy soils near the sea and ripens late in the year. It can also be harvested green all year round. Its aroma is then almost more aromatic and intense. Gin Eva is nature, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, distilled and macerated in a traditional copper still.


    Gin de Mallorca, destilada con oliva
    Gin Eva La Mallorquina, Mallorca Olive Dry Gin, ginebra española con oliva
    La Mallorquina
    Olive Dry Gin 45%vol.
    KEY BOTAINCALS: Olive, juniper, cilantro.
    NOSE: Ripe olive, nutmeg.
    PALATE: Very dry, silky texture, dry juniper, a hint of cilantro.
    FINISH: Long and lingering, juniper and olive.

    Awarded “WORLDS BEST SIGNATURE BOTANICAL GIN” at the World Gin Awards 2019.

    Olives are the classic dry martini garnish. The dirty martini lives from the salty brine in which the olives are stored.

    Out of curiosity, we collected a bucket of olive pomace in autumn 2016, which we then macerated and distilled in the distillery.

    The distillate tasted of wonderful black olive. During a tasting with Rafa Martin and his Brassclub team from Palma, we decided to blend it only with juniper and a hint of coriander. The perfect martini gin – we think.

    A year later we had the opportunity to get very special olives for distillation at the Son Moragues estate in Valldemossa. The La Mallorquina variety is the traditional olive from the island of Mallorca. A mutation of the empeldre olive that can only be found on the island. The trees are centuries old and grow on terraces in the Tramuntana Mountains.

    Our La Mallorquina Gin is a vintage distillate that is distilled every year in October from fresh olives and juniper.

    Gin de Mallorca con bergamota y enebro de Gin Eva
    Ginebra con bergamota y Enebro destilado por Gin Eva
    La Bergamota
    Bergamot Dry Gin 45%vol.
    KEY BOTAINCALS: Bergamot, juniper.
    NOSE: Perfumed bergamot, earl grey tea.
    PALATE: Intense citrus oils with a hint of juniper.
    FINISH: Very zesty, warming juniper.

    Awarded as “BEST SPANISH SIGNATURE BOTANICAL GIN” at the World Gin Awards 2020.

    At the end of 2016 we were looking for a citrus plantation where yuzu is grown. A very rare citrus fruit that originally comes from Japan. Yuzu is very popular with many chefs, because of its unique aroma. We wanted to distill a gin together with the German Michelin star chef Benjamin Peifer and alongside juniper, yuzu was going to be the most important ingredient.

    Fortunately we found Franc, who grows all kinds of citrus fruits on his finca in Valencia. He specialises in very exotic fruits like yuzu, but also grows different types of blood oranges, lime and kumquats. Franc has very interesting clementine varieties and a very popular cross between lemon and orange, called meyer lemon. He also grows bergamot, a cross between lime and bitter orange.

    Impressed by the yuzu distillate, we asked Franc to send us samples of all his citrus fruits. After we tried and distilled all his citrus fruits, the bergamot stood out. Bittersweet citrus, slightly spicy, long-long-lasting and increasingly complex over time.

    We immediately fell in love with the distillate and blended it only with a juniper spirit that we had distilled from Macedonian juniper; the largest and sweetest juniper berries we have ever been able to process.

    Esta Ginebra tipo Old Tom es de la destilería Gin Eva en Mallorca
    Old Tom Gin d e la Destileria mallorquina Gin Eva, esta Ginebra esta reposada 10 meses en barricas de roble
    Old Tom
    Gin Eva Old Tom 45%vol.
    KEY BOTAINCALS: Juniper, lemon, bitter orange, canoneta orange, mandarin.
    NOSE: Orange, clove and cinnamon, piny juniper.
    PALATE: Zesty and sweet, nice balance between juniper, citrus and oak.
    FINISH: Bold and round, spicy, long lasting, very smooth.

    Awarded as “BEST SPANISH OLD TOM GIN” at the World Gin Awards 2020.

    When Jerry Thomas wrote the first cocktail book of all time in 1860, the London Dry style did not exist. Thomas mixed all of his gin cocktails with Old Tom Gin. These 19th century Gins were lightly sweetened and were often stored in old wine barrels. An Old Tom had more body and volume than today’s gins.

    Especially in cocktails with vermouth and bitter liqueurs, these gins perform great. They are great sipping gins, neat or on the rocks.

    We have never tried a real Old Tom from this time, but our approach is the fruit of our imagination.

    Many current Old Toms are not barrelled. Wood and fruit are not friends, often the oak stands out against the fine fruit aromas and dominates too much.

    The barrels in which we store our Old Tom had already been filled with three vintages of Mallorcan red wines. So the wine had already absorbed many wooden tannins and toasting flavors, leaving a bit of its fruitiness and colour in the barrels. After six months of barreling we bottled. The Gin has a nice amber colour, wood and fruit are a perfect symbiosis, carried by 20g / l of resi- dual sugar.

    You should buy an edition of Jerry Thomas “The Bon-Vivant's Companion” and try one of his cocktails, for example a Martinez (an ancestor of the Dry Martini), or a Tom Collins with our Old Tom. Negronis or even better, Porronis, taste outstanding.

    Gin Eva La Canoneta con naranja exprimida
    La Canoneta edición especial con naranjas de Soller from Gin Eva
    La Canoneta
    Orange Dry Gin 45%vol.
    KEY BOTAINCALS: Canoneta orange, juniper
    NOSE: Ripe orange peel, a hint of juniper.
    PALATE: Essential orange oils, piny juniper.
    FINISH: Very zesty, crisp and elegant.

    For this gin we have distilled the most characteristic citrus fruit of the Sóller valley - the canoneta orange. The result is an intense, zesty gin in which the citrus note clearly stands out. Perfect for a Gin Tonic or a Negroni. This gin has not been chill filtered and may cloud slightly when poured over ice. Cheers!  

    S'Horabaixa Gin
    S'Horabaixa Gin de Gin Eva
    Dry Gin 45%vol. 0,5L
    KEY BOTAINCALS: Thyme, Juniper and Lemon.
    NOSE: Aromatic thyme, fresh juniper, and lemon.
    PALATE: Great balance between the botanicals, showcasing its Mediterranean origin.
    FINISH: Juniper-forward with a hint of citrus and herbs.

    The uniqueness of this gin lies in its simple yet incredibly aromatic botanical blend of thyme, lemon, and juniper. The thyme used comes from the Tramuntana Mountains of Finca Hèrtitx, while the lemons are sourced from the Sóller Valley.

    The name 'S'HORABAIXA' is derived from the Mallorcan term for the golden hour, that magical moment when the sun slowly sets and everything is bathed in warm, muted light. This unique atmosphere adds a special touch to hot summer days and invites you to enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic.