Some time ago we rented a beautiful finca together with friends in Banyalbufar in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains. Here we created the Ojo de Higo cocktail.

In front of the finca, a small fig tree grew directly from an old stone wall. It was early in the year and the tree had no fruit yet, but the leaves had an incredible fig aroma.

Jörg Meyers Gin Basil Smash is a well-known cocktail and we asked ourselves whether it is possible to replace the basil with fig leaves.

Perfect timing means that something fits exactly at a certain point in time. The moment was after lunch on the sunny terrace of our finca, sitting together with our friends from Son Vives.

Llorenç brought the shaker and a handful of fig leaves. He mixed the first Fig Smash using lemon juice, agave syrup and gin – we were thrilled.